They’re a little pricey, honestly, but my more expensive filaments go in the to keep them safe and dry. Together we will bring PrintDry products to more and more people. It holds a standard kilo spool. I was a Kickstarter backer for these things back in 2017. PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Container - 5 PACK Out of stock. 16% VAT. Estimated delivery Jul 2018. Our original container has been re-designed to include a vacuum seal and re-reinforcements on both the lid and container bottom to withstand the internal pressure of a vacuum seal. PrintDry Vacuum Container (5 PC Pack) Free Shipping In The US. Pledge CA$ 3 or more About US$ 3 Support Pledge Thanks for your contribution! In 2016, this manufacturer presented its idea of filament dryer at Kickstarter, something very necessary at that time, especially for nylon filaments, prone to absorb moisture. Less. An appreciative high five to you from PrintDry team. The PrintDry filament dryer works with any 3D printers as long as the filament can be fed from outside the printer’s enclosure. Vacuum Sealed Filament Container by PrintDry Windsor, Canada 3D Printing CA$ 47,347. pledged of CA$ 5,000 goal 336 backers Support. Quick Shop PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Container - 5 Pack. Their dryer was so supported that at the beginning of 2017 they were already sending the … カナダ (Canada) ヨーロッパ (Europe) アメリカ合衆国 (United States) / その他 (Other Countries) The ultimate filament storage solution for 3D printing filaments to prevent the filament from absorbing moisture, Includes: 5-pack with a vacuum pump  (Filament spool not included), Filament Dryer & Filament Container for 3D Printing. This item didn't have a lot of reviews, so I was a little worried about purchasing it. Your Email (required) Your Message. Center supporting base x1. PrintDryのご購入 ドライヤー コンテナ 付属品 全て商品のご購入 PrintDryの技術 乾燥の原理 よくある質問 代理店 お問い合わせ 地域 : 日本. 4.0 out of 5 stars It works better than I thought it would. While feeding and drying one spool in the lower compartment of the dryer, additional filament spools and/or desiccants can be dried in the upper compartment while printing. Out of stock. Visit for more info about the filament dryer. Select this reward. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The blue clamps don't pull the lid and containers together hard, just a little more than needed to keep the lid on it. PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Container (5 PACK), US Stock This item will be shipped from US 3rd party warehouse, only deliverable to United States. PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Containers are the ultimate filament storage solution for 3D printing. PrintDry Vacuum Sealed Filament Container - 5 PACK Out of stock. And two I can keep the PrintDry on while printing. Many types of filament are hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs ambient moisture from the atmosphere if … You will receive 1 PrintDry Filament Dryer (120VAC or 220VAC model) and a pack of 6 filament containers. PrintDry Vacuum Filament Container - 5 pack Prevent moisture from saturating filament by storing in vacuum-sealed containers. Select this reward. Add to cart. The PrintDry Filament Dryer 2.0 has a separate version without the double-wall. Filament Dryer & Filament Container for 3D Printing The PrintDry™ filament dryer has been independently tested by Intertek and TUV to meet applicable product safety standards in both North America and Europe. Includes: 5 vacuum containers and a vacuum pump. PrintDry: Specialized products. Want to Become a Distributor? PrintDry: Specialized products. $99.99. The PrintDry Filament Drying System is an easy and affordable solution for 3D printing projects that use hygroscopic materials like nylon, PETG, PVA, and flexible filament. Additional Chamber with Metal Tray and Top Feeder, Vacuum Sealed Filament Container: Package of 5, Pump for Vacuum Sealed Filament Container. The lid is designed with silicone seal and 4 strong clamps that pull down the lid to the container … Included adapters can be swapped out for larger spools up to 12" outer diameter, or small spools up to 8" outer diameter. Worth having a pack of them on hand for good filament. Products: PrintDry™ Filament Dryer, PrintDry™ Vacuum Container. Filament Dryer & Filament Container for 3D Printing. Need accessories to go with your 3d printer? Les 5 paquets de filaments hermétiques avec scellé au vide PrintDry sont quelques récipients de plastique de haute résistance, où chaque utilisateur peut stocker son filament avec une sécurité totale sans se préoccuper de si ceux-ci prennent une humidité . 3D Printers? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Resin? 1-800-711-6277. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. The ultimate filament storage solution for 3D printing filaments to prevent the filament from absorbing moisture; Include: 5-pack with a vacuum pump (Filament spool not included) The vacuum filament container has been tested with a 750g filament spool inside for 30 days. Check our Top 6 Essential 3D Printer Accessories. Compare. Notify me when this product is available: This unit has been discontinued and will be replaced with Printdry Filament Dryer PRO. 39,00 € excl. Buy Print Dry products on our website: Need Filaments? 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