Seiko QXM380B Melodies in Motion Clock Metallic Brown. So for great value, style and a bedside wireless charger, this alarm clock is a win-win! ilovemusic: after looking around it's hard to find that perfect alarm clock radio. 9312794737378 Let your room glow in blue with Dalek’s projected digital time. If you’re going for an alarm clock with classic appeal, then you might like the Grand Hotel Desk Alarm Clock! Best of all, it’s available at a very low price. Let’s take a look at what some of the customers said: Price: $29 There’s also an FM mode with 20 stations you can tune in to. Don’t sleep in or get stuck between time zones with the help of Korjo. Let’s start with analogue features. Highlights Quality clock movement Loud crescendo alarm Snooze button Bright night light. The alarm setting offers a buzzer, and even music from your own library. Very easy to set up and the radio works flawlessly thanks to the included long extendable antenna. Analogue Alarm Clock Homeware from online store. Homeware online: Analogue Alarm Clock, Mini Non Ticking Bedside Travel Silent Alarm Clock with Loud Alarm, Night Light, Snooze, Battery Operated Wake Up Clock Purple, With its stunning quality and versatility, you can never go wrong with purchasing this digital alarm clock. Vintage Alarm Clock, Retro Analog Alarm Clock, 4 inch Super Silent Non Ticking Small Clock with Night Light, Battery Operated, Simply Design, for Living Room, Bedroom, Bedside, Desk, Gift Clock. Perfect gift for the Dr Who fan. Sale. Then let the digital group choose a time and ask the analogue group to show it on their clock. All deliveries must be signed for. This may add to the price of these alarm clocks, but if you’re on the practical side, you simply need a clock that works and can sound off an alarm that you’re comfortable with. ... Seiko QHE091L Blue Analogue Bedside Beep Alarm Clock. 4 Modes Clock Alarm Timer Calendar Thermometer Start price. Digital clocks are LED-lit with digital time. $5.00. People regarded the JBL Horizon as having great sound (even those that gave a lower score) and durable. We provide super fast delivery for all your Christmas Gifts in New Zealand and internationally! Chi Chi Deluxe - Funky Gifts299 Barton StreetHamilton CityNew Zealand, © 2021 Funky Gifts NZ. Have you seen the James Bond movies? I no longer have to go in and repeatedly remind her that she had better get up or else. And it has a night light feature that you can press to see what time it is in the middle of the night. Oh, and if you’d like an independent speaker instead of a radio with a clock, we’ve covered some good models in the best WiFi and Bluetooth speakers in New Zealand. You may be interested in that too! The projection of the time is great, even on our 15 foot ceilings. If you are after another Karlsson Clock in the range that is not on our website please contact us as we will most likely be able to source it for you. $24.49. Buy Now. If you’re a fan of that show, this is for you! Buy Now. This unobtrusive Philips clock also features a large, neat yellow-green digit display that makes it very easy to see. Quick view Auckland Closes in 2 hrs 2 mins. The Karlsson Gummy Digital Alarm Clock Gummy Black is one product you should never miss out on buying. Listen freely to your favourite radio stations — you can save these as presets. Buy Now. As for larger clocks, they are suitable only to be used and left at home. Casio Mini Travel Alarm Clock Model PQ-10-1R. You save $16.00. It uses 2 AAA batteries. Find one to match your room decor and personal style by choosing from a range of exclusive brands including Sony, Teac, Panasonic and more. Not only is it just as cute as can be, it fits easily on her bedside table. Now you’re ready to see the time whenever you want — just be careful not to point at someone! So you can place it under your pillow and it will keep you awake if somebody tries to betray you out of the blue — or if you have to get up early in the morning. $152.99. Was $78.49 Now $64.99. 100 Percent NZ: Shane Hansen - Tui Wooden Frame Clock $109.00 In stock - ships Monday Karlsson Alarm Clock - Minimal (Gold/Black) $19.95. Which is saying something, because she’s a very heavy sleeper and works midnights. In some wood-grain alarm clocks, the time display goes out every few seconds which can save the battery. There are 333 bedside alarm clock for sale on Etsy, and they cost NZ$51.98 on average. Buy Now. And would you like to organise your new alarm clock along with your books, kitchenware, or knick knacks? Save ... Analogue Travel Alarm Clock Snooze Button $49.15. The Karlsson clock brand is one that’s synonymous with good quality, stunning graphics, aesthetic shapes and innovative design. You don't have anything in your cart! If the default brightness does not sit well for you, you can simply turn it up or down — this applies to both the brightness of the time display or the “sunrise’s” brightness. I found it very easy to use and set up. Keep up to date with a portable handheld radio to blast your favourite stations. Shop Alarm Clocks from leading brands at It is a classy graphic wall clock, featuring a chrome metal case and a large, retro-style dial. Speaking of the snooze, it can be adjusted for longer durations. Buy It Now On Noel Leeming. This clock has dimensions of 25.5 x 8 x 32 cm, by the way. This does it for me.”, “This is an amazing alarm clock. NZD - New Zealand Dollar; THB - Thai Baht; USD - US Dollar; NZwatches. Through the entire house you heard the threat of the Dalek, and then the teenage AAAIIIGGGHGHH! For most of us, when we picture a classic analog alarm clock the iconic twin bell piece comes to mind. One of these is the analogue group and the other the digital group. Being able to adjust how bright it goes with the alarm is ideal. What’s more, it is also light-sensitive, meaning it adapts to the lighting conditions in your room. This especially helps people with bad eyesight and seniors. “I really struggle to wake up on dark mornings. Carven Analogue Wall Clock LCD Date 285mm 1459848 Unit: Each (Order 10 to receive one Carton) $65.21 $56.70 inc GST ex GST Increase value Decrease value Add to cart Sony Radio Alarm Clock - Black. Give each group an appropriate clock, Let the analogue group choose a time (involving hours or half-hours). Add to cart. Checkpoint Systems help improve time tracking and productivity by increasing accuracy and reducing your timekeeping administrative tasks. So aside from waking you up, it can also be turned on to act as a night light like when you tend to the baby or go to the loo. Well, thanks to… The hours are appealing and pleasant to look at — and it comes without the usual analogue clock ticking for less irritation.