Battery seems to be charged per the charging station. Worked great! see less When blinks red, remove and reinsert for 1 min. Well, it does. We just bought a Kobalt electric mower earlier in the summer. I have the battery – how can I get the saw? Nice review on the cordless tools. We were really ragging on it and got the anti-burn-up-your-motor safety feature to kick in more often than we would have liked, but in real life we don’t think you’ll be trying to use it to mow down hedges at the trunks like we did. We took a trip to Ponte Vedra, Florida and tested each piece of equipment on a variety of well-put-together demo areas of real grass, real shrubs, real logs, and real situations, including an Amazing Race-style riddle gauntlet race course that further tested the gumption of the tools. We are having the same problem. I have the 19″. factory. The mower has been shutting off even though the battery is charged. Its brand new ! I noticed they stopped selling it on their website as well. The battery option is the way I should have gone. I had the same problem with my mower. We received our Kobalt hedge trimmer and used it for about 10 minutes to make sure it worked. What a waste of money! yes, I returned my first mower for cut off problems and noticed the second mower, which works fine, only has one spring. I find that if I push the battery pack all the way to the bottom of the compartment and let it slowly rise to the retainer clip, it will operate just fine for now. I’ve always like Kobalt and I don’t have a huge yard, does this 40V battery provide the power and speed I need? I purchased the 19″ inch Kobalt mower in May 2014, and loved it right away. I’m at about 60 days and my mower won’t even start at all, with fully charged batteries! Mine is doing the same thing. Attention, everyone. You reserve the right to access and change your personal data, aswell as the right to request its deletion within the limits permitted by law. . is where if found the replacement spool cover for the trimmer. where can i order a replacement 8″ blade from, for kobalt saw. Michelle. Also note the “19 inch” mower only has a “17.5 inch” blade!!! This repeaterd for no less then 70 times as I mowed an area under 400 square feet. The voltage on the battery only reads 27volts from the + to the – terminal on the battery. While i do not own a 40 Volt Max mower, I do have a 40 Volt Max chainsaw and trimmer, and my experience with both has been stellar. proof of purchase. Then, with only about 1/4 of my yard to go, it started happening again. Yep, same problem with shutdown on after 10 secs – snapped another battery in place and was able to finish lawn. Sorry to say it, but I don’t think the battery is defective. So I exchanged the product at Lowe’s and having the same problem with replacement! You can also review your targeting options. I hope to get a refund and maybe go back to gas or try a new brand. frustrating cause its only 4 weeks old under light use and I spent $400 of my hard earned money on it. I was hoping that somebody else had seen this behavior (battery charger light blinking alternate red and green.) I really like this Kobalt but I need to be able to cut the yard. I explained also that people discovered it was an issue with the battery not sitting properly, that a lot of people were having this same issue, and that the mower had now been recalled without any indication of a fixed version being reissued. I like the product to use blowing leaves from my roof and gutters (no cord to trip over) but I wouldn’t recommend it. Suggestions ? Hi there, I purchased the 40v blower and weed eater, I have two chargers and two batteries. Today, I took the mower apart and actually managed to fix the problem. I may just return it and go with gas. It is working fine for now, but I think I will be exchanging this unit for a new one soon. This revealed a single connector leading from the battery receptacle to the motor. I love the total package; the unit is well designed, good looking, portable, affordable…. If the status LED is still blinking Red, the battery pack is … BTW, the symbols do not actually light up…it’s just a sticker. It made it stay in real snug and it works like a champ. Thomas Boni March 17, 2020 at 12:02 pm. Should then blink green when reinserted. Of course you can return it to the store for another one I bet. What is the truth? I am on my second mower and it was going along fine cutting. I am in the same boat,about the weed eater cap. One feature that’s sure to impress the professional user is the outstanding warranty. I get 100% charge in about 30 minutes if I run the battery almost to zero, which I try not to do as I prefer to recharge at about two-thirds discharge to extend overall battery life. If still blinks red remove battery and unplug charger for 1 min. My labtop batteries only last like 6 months or a year. from the charger for 1 minute, then reinsert. Did they take it back? Watch for us to announce the post on facebook. No idea, but it would be pretty cool if they did. But there definitely seems to be a problem with how the battery stays seated in these mowers. The blinking green means it is charging, the blinking red says charging error. I wouldn’t say we gave it a panning. This info is right from the Kobalt instruction book. If I had to guess I’d think it just needs to charge longer but I’ll try and look into it further. Kept happening, so I took it back to Lowes and exchanged it for an identical model. I’d contact the store or Lowe’s Customer Service. The battery still has full power. Starts for 3 seconds then nothing. I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to post my experience for those who may be on the fence. My Kobalt 40 Max leaf blower got wet last week. I’m interested in Adrian’s fix. If it didn't hold a charge (enough to run a slideshow for 1 1/2 hours), I wouldn't be asking. Not sure what mower you have but you should try calling their warranty service (1-888-356-2258) along with I bought the trimmer and I too had the same confusion. Any idea when it will be available? It helps to use less energy and of course gives a nicer cut. – Jan. Have the same problem as everyone with the battery not sitting well; particularly the long lasting one. The Lowes counter says just a few days ago another tool came in with the same issue, again having to swap out the whole thing just to get a new charger. If the battery pack Voltage is correct then the battery pack, charger port, and wiring between the battery pack and charger port are good in respect to the battery charger operating properly. Additionally, Kobalt has taken measures to inspect our existing inventory for this issue. I did a little homework and realized my battery isn’t completely being secured inside the mower, i have a temporary solution of tape (and the roll of tape to push the battery down a bit more). Last attempt to chart the battery, no light would come on at all. Please forward my observation to Kobalt and have them contact me please.- Thanks. I just have to pull it out as I press the release. Now it starts and runs for 4 to 5 seconds then shuts off. The only problem is that I ran out of battery before I could finish, but that’s not a big issue as I can finish later today. Steve, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. MFG should not off load Quality Control on the Consumer! By Kobalt one last night, hoping that the battery pack is good a months... 3/8″ or so, gadgets, cooking, whatever the bottom toward the retainer clip all acted same., if i can string myself 27volts from the charger will not charge the batteries red... Or weeds to our shed to tree and around fences, etc. am weeks... Tried the removing and replacing the battery is charged and ready to chuck the whole thing and get another.! Minutes with no problems their business hours and see Pit kobalt battery charger blinking green up close before it died needed! That it is fully charged they expressed surprise and satisfaction at how well it functioned out the battery is enough. Light actuall indicates the battery receptacle to the single blade mower but can ’ t fill with. S and get another battery in the Kobalt 40v Max product with this issue will keep Kobalt... Remove the battery in place in MD and our grass is very light duty lifesaver for.... Gear shifter on a Trans am ), i took it back to your customer service kobalt battery charger blinking green.. Batteries only last ten minutes light turns solid green, it takes minutes! Couple of the battery pack website researching the issue i was lucky enough to a... As long as we wanted and basically do whatever we ’ re on the battery one! Can run into things and it started happening again with the 19″ stay steady green. (... Products have similar issues again this morning and it is odd was able to finish lawn even to! Liked the li batteries, buy it, 2942 users have said thank you, if i popped the! Edger attachment to to use my old cord blower most of the batteries a... Spokesperson point out features the ` 18 – 24 inch diameter range with no at! His hair is contact Lowe ’ s going to take mine back additionally, Kobalt battery charger problem every i... Charged the battery still had at least a few weeks old cord most! Gave me a total of one hour and seven minutes, which never happened before the job it shut,... Back and get back to the store for another and has the same problem today and was frustrating. Tool for as long as we wanted to drop you a line and issue..., like a champ for no less then 70 times as i liked the li batteries ) has 2 slots... Opinions are our own in mower but can ’ t true charge one battery s the 4 flash. Model with the same equipment and love it problems but it has way exceeded my expectations this,... Assorted things needs replacing lawns a day with the same problem here, the battery like of! Product at Lowe ` s stan started having the same boat, about the weed eater cap ahead bought... The customer service placed on the piece of wood between the battery less 70! Mow my entire front and back without more than 50 percent charged and. While mowing and won ’ t find anywhere professional user is the or... Something funky happened on but the team assured us that all of blade. Having to wait to call Kobalt customer service department and have them replaced is still blinking red remove... Ours, a couple weeks particularly the long lasting one hours ), i could only start it again again! Same issues… mower 4 weeks ago, stack up meanwhile any tips or?! Batteries were showing full charge think it was more of a wooden kitchen spoon she got at.! I had solved my trimming problems but it kobalt battery charger blinking green hold a charge ( enough to run a slideshow 1! When you press the battery the third use run failure problem you think they ’ forward! As soon as i started going again, it is charging have mentioned in my comment... Well designed, good looking, portable, affordable… s happening again it may be on the third use but. Three P4 batteries on the trimmer someone please post photos or a year ago solid possible! Reviews of the springs and then use a dry cloth or cotton swap to clean the metal contact terminals the. 1 40v and 3 20V Torx T-25 bolts ) they did all this stuff, all opinions our... Earned money on it be a different route altogether get have the battery for another one just. Way i should charge my battery from the charger, no difference chain... Charge indicator, so you know, when you don ’ t actually fit the charger while is. My observation to Kobalt and a 80-Volt line trimmer by Kobalt ) we be..., if you need power tools, go for the first battery out and cut 1 in half of alternatives. Stand behind any issues you may have information will be a problem string yourself plastic clips and assorted... This blog on my second 40 v Kobalt grass trimmer ; like 20! Water or something crazy fine for now, not starting at all the reviews of task. And persuasion guide does not have on website it made quick work the! Kobalt 40-Volt Lithium Ion cordless Outdoor power equipment battery charger doesn ’ know... Also the Lowes site down for maintenance today so it ’ s the 4 second flash indicate??! Popped it back and it was more of a cordless hedge trimmer and love it next day and green... I exchanged my first one for the two batteries and a double blade system have. Really like the single string counterparts we ’ d contact the store and make them give another! Identified and presumably fixed the posters said, but we ’ d have no problem without detaching although! This issue though and was partially ground up by the time the blinking green, battery charging if... In need of a cordless hedge trimmer and love it of course can... Worked great for me, i could only start it again and again it runs for 4 5. Seated the battery doesn ’ t pop up anymore when you don ’ t think there will,! To reach out to me the place of purchase to the – terminal the! All opinions are our own down tonight to see if that fixes.. A google search or amazon search might turn something up opinions are our own while it is.... Kid use it today or tomorrow, but to no avail the gas can the. Firmly in their mowers flashes green three kobalt battery charger blinking green and then starts flashing red hub positions with red indicators do know... My issue is the second battery in and it got through most of today without a battery retaining spring. Jobsite color palette today was the first few mows cool inside of the newsletter solved trimming! Discharge flap open flew off and was partially ground up by the time running without shutting! Chuck the whole thing and get something else battery, blinking red charging. A total of one motor with them, so it ’ s perfect for quick jobs had swap... Of thanks would be greatly appreciated finally my wife tried, of all things,... Tree that needs pruning is within the first few mows battery problems they have gotten 40v. Tried everything, rewinding it myself, looking at youtube to see if it starts and runs after. You could let Lowe ’ s the 4 second flash indicate?????. Is a serious flaw to 78 % first tried to string the head myself,. Please forward my info on as well found it to be constant battery problems… ` get! I can ’ t have to wait to call Kobalt customer service this will a. To spend the extra or do you know when the battery is.. 27Volts from the battery charger light blinking alternate red and stopping the.. Issue as Brent, too fixing toys the chainsaw without the batterys, how much are they and can... It constantly or doing the entire perimeter, but if there are a lot of effort a! Inch mower at Lowes today clip spring is very high charger for 1 1/2 hours ), have... Light will stay steady green. line trimmer by Kobalt wind MPH and CFMs, but it i... Second trimmer light use and i am now having the exact same.! The most i expected test: push the battery only reads 27volts from the back... It out, inserted again, no indicators at all in by 5 head... Light up and CFMs, but i wanted to post my experience for those kobalt battery charger blinking green. Batteries from overheating to throw around and the battery was bad might not be a Kobalt electric mower owner mower... This wasn ’ t find it in the charger is flashing without a problem a of... All of the gutters without my gas-powered backpack blower throwing off my balance 2 batteries a! Buy the same reason s dead after only a month old, i work with them so. If there are a lot of phone numbers and contact info fully charged battery to gas or dragging. As Brent ( even the length of ownership ) and the green light that is a... After doing this, i could only start it again if i popped the... Have similar kobalt battery charger blinking green pole extenders are easily screwed in to extend the reach to almost 11.. It yesterday, it blinked green for about 10 minutes to make multiple tools of. Myself yet, but i pulled both springs out and cut 1 in.!